Summer Worship Schedule 2016During the summer of 2016 we’re experimenting with a new worship schedule. From holiday to holiday (July 4th weekend to Labor Day weekend) worship will begin at 9:30am and conclude at 11am. There will be Sunday morning options available for all age groups. However, we won’t do our typical Sunday Morning Small Groups or Sunday School Classes. Why would we do such a crazy thing you ask? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Expanding worship a few minutes gives us the chance to add another song or two to the service. We love our weekly time of worship, but we believe we are one or two songs away from having an even more¬†powerful time of worship each week. We want to find out if we’re right.
  2. Taking a summer hiatus from Groups gives everyone a chance to catch their breath. Teachers can relax a bit. Families can slow their schedules a bit. Some extra time means…we can all enjoy a Sabbath a bit more fully…we can all look for opportunities to minister our neighbors…we can take time to go out with friends. We hope this time will be a great blessing to each of our faith journeys.
  3. It is another step forward in partnering with Maryland Christian Church. For years MCC has hoped for the opportunity to worship a bit earlier in the day. As we move to 9:30, they’re going to move to 11:30. It is a great opportunity for both of us to try something new. And it opens up some beautiful chances¬†for more partnering in the days ahead.
  4. There are big things coming! This is a summer schedule. It isn’t permanent and it may or may not ever happen again. The change is walking us towards our fall experiment. Starting September 11, we will again shift the schedule a bit, add some more cooperation with MCC, and commit to a church wide initiative together. We’ll give you more on this in the months ahead…

This is going to be a spectacular summer! Come be a part of the amazing things God is doing at Valley as we strive to “Make Disciples…as Family…on Mission…”


Summer Schedule 2016